Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vino tests positive, Astana quits Tour

Shocking news from France

David Millar was the first rider to react to the news: "Jesus Christ - there you go, that's my quote," he blurted out. "What timing, huh? This is just fucking great."

The rehabilitated rider, who served a two-year ban for admitting to use the banned blood booster EPO, quickly composed himself and addressed the assembled scribes.

"It makes me very sad because Vino is one of my favorite riders. He's one of the most elegant riders in the peloton," he said. "If a guy of his stature and class is doing that in what's cycling living right now, we can just all pack our bags and go home."

I wonder where I could get some of this fresh blood, I've been feeling a little logy lately.

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filbert said...

What next? Will the next scandal be that petanque teams juice their boules?