Friday, July 20, 2007

Sheed was right

NBA/mafia scandal!
Great, now my two favorite sports are ruined. Cycling to doping, basketball to dirty, mafia connected refs. I saw this guy worked seven Trailblazers games last year. I would not be at all surprised to find out he had worked game 7 of the Western conference finals in 2000 when the the Trailblazers lost to the Lakers after several phantom fouls on Sabonis. I also wouldn't be surprised if a few other refs were guilty of the same thing.

Donaghy was part of a crew working the Heat-Knicks game in New York in February when the Knicks shot 39 free throws to the Heat's eight, technical fouls were called on Heat coach Pat Riley and assistant Ron Rothstein, and the Knicks won by six. New York was favored by 4½.

Donaghy had a run-in with then-Trail Blazer Rasheed Wallace at the Rose Garden four years ago. Wallace was suspended seven games for threatening Donaghy on the loading dock outside the arena in January 2003. Wallace was apparently upset that Donaghy had called a technical foul on him during a game against Memphis that night. It was the longest NBA suspension ever levied for something that didn't involve drugs or physical contact. Wallace forfeited an estimated $1.6 million in salary.

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Bigman Shoes said...

This might also explain why Brandon Roy can never get a foul call to go his way.