Monday, July 16, 2007

Images from the Rickreall Open IV

Here are a few photos from this year's Rickreall Open, I'll put more up tomorrow.

This one's out of sequence but I had to lead with it. Drew is the man. I didn't think he'd actually do it...he almost had me talked into getting one but luckily the gun stopped working.

Mace and El Torque cleaned out the Chevron.

Maybe I shouldn't have put that flyer up in West Salem.

Rev. Phil gets the hose.

El Torque in the beer bungie event. He did well but Sharky won because the tubes snapped at the tree and whacked him right in the Pryzbillas. 20 bonus points.

Jaden lighting the barbeque.

Jaden and Velo were relentless with the sqirt guns and water balloons.

Cowboy tolerated the squirting for quite a while then snapped and threw Velo in the pool.

The Kid rigged a rope to the top of the big oak tree in the orchard.


Bigman Shoes said...

Oh man. I am bummed I missed the thing. Check out James' and mine blog. You won't be disappointed.

Bigman Shoes said...

I am waiting for C-Murder to get drunk enough to get a Bigman Shoes tattoo, after all Sharkey is in the hood now, And what is w/ Oden/G-OD signing w Nike and not adidas? Now I'm conflicted--get the bigman shoes or not. Well, at least I can still get a Roy Jersey.